Gili Islands: The Night Market

Every night, Gili Trawangan has a busy night market with lots of local seafood. Located on the southeast end of the island in the downtown area, the market was a quick 20-30 minute walk from Alam Gili. On the way to the market we passed a bar selling psychedelic mushrooms. Ironically, another 20 meters beyond it was the police station. Drugs are highly illegal in Indonesia and the punishment is severe, however Gili T. (being the tourist party island), is a huge source of income…money > the law.


The downtown was bustling: shisha lounges, discos, even a bar full of beer pong tables! A local tried to convince dad to play but he declined…party pooper…

Shisha lounge
Night market

To say dad loved the night market is an understatement. The market had everything from tuna, red snapper, grouper, lobster, prawns and crab to mahi mahi, egg rolls, fresh fruit juice, and Bintang (the only beer sold in Indonesia). Having grown up in Asia (Thailand, China, Vietnam, and Pakistan) the night market brought back a lot of childhood memories…he was a kid in a candy store!

In his element
Only beer in Indonesia

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