Nusa Islands: Snorkeling

The Nusa Islands are an escape from the hassle and hectic pace of Bali. Rustic and quiet, these islands are best known for their diving, snorkeling, and surfing. What they lack in amenities, they make up for in experiences. The reefs are only accessible by boat and as a result are in much better condition than other reefs in Bali.

Cliff jump
Crystal Bay (Nusa Penida)

We organized our snorkeling trip through Captain Newman, a very reputable guide on Nusa Lembongan ($12/person). He took us to 3 different spots around the islands: Crystal Bay, Mangrove Forest, and The Wall. Due to a strong current that morning we were unable to snorkel the 4th spot, Manta Ray Bay, which is a popular spot for the manta rays.

Crystal Bay hidden beach (Nusa Penida)

The Wall was my favorite snorkeling spot out of the three. The reefs and underwater diversity were phenomenal– far better than anything I’ve seen in Hawaii or the Caribbean. The coral wall begins at the foot of massive sea cliffs, dropping down vertically to a depth of 180m. Beyond the coral wall is a steep drop off into the big blue. My biggest regret was not bringing an underwater camera!

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